Get started quickly with practical CAPE training

The best way to get started with CAPE is attending genuine CAPE training. Your customized course can be held at your site, our headquarters, or another location of your choice.

All CAPE trainers are CAPE experts, and your training course covers a syllabus designed to meet your specific needs. The instructor uses your organization's own data and equipment. Training is practical as well as conceptual, so you end a CAPE training session with real work done and models ready to use, not just a conceptual understanding of how to do it.

Typically, two to five days of training is recommended, depending on the modules you have licensed and your immediate implementation plans.

You may want to arrange for refresher training, or for training to expand your team’s use of CAPE for a specific purpose; or you may want to set up a class to give your newer engineers a good start.

Training at the CAPE User Group Meeting Week

In addition to our custom courses, economical group training courses on a variety of practical topics are also offered in conjunction with our annual CAPE Users' Group meeting week each year in the U.S. and in Europe.

Training at Users Group

Group training on a variety of elective topics is offered every year at CAPE Users Group Meetings in North America and every even-numbered year in Europe.


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"Thank you for providing us the information about transformer damage curves. We have appreciated the support you've provided during this project."

Hasan Mahmood
Areva NP Canada

CAPE training class

Which training topics would help your group most?

Modeling detailed bus structures and open-ended lines with One-Line Diagram

Using Coordination Graphics and its special displays

System Simulator and Relay Checking, including pilot protection

Writing macros

Ready-to-use Relay Setting algorithms

Modeling transformers, neutral buses, and neutral networks

Breaker Duty analysis

Data compare, merge, and management techniques

Using Line Constants to model transmission lines

Or tell us the subject and we'll design the class you need.

Training at EII