Protection coordination in the transmission system and boundaries – a wide area coordination study

A technical paper presented at the 2007 Western Protection Relay Conference describes a methodology created to automatically check protection coordination over a wide area, including the boundaries between transmission and generation, and transmission and distribution. 

The authors argue that considering the huge investment in power system assets, it only makes sense to equip utilities with tools that enable automatic detection of lack of coordination and provide assistance with the adjustments needed to resolve them.

This paper describes a project carried out by Red Eléctrica de España (Madrid) in 2006. In this project, protection coordination in one of the most critical transmission network areas, an extensive Wide Area Coordination technical paperpart of the 220kV and 400kV network in the northeast of Spain, was checked using an automated application of CAPE software. 

To read the whole story, contact us and request the Wide Area Coordination Study technical paper.


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"In addition to short circuit calculation, CAPE’s relay models allow us to perform wide area protection coordination studies. Those studies have been critical to improve the security of system protection and, therefore, to increase overall system reliability."

Santiago López Barba
Red Electrica de España

User Group Meeting presentation

Carlos Puente Perez, one of the paper's authors, presenting on this topic at the North American UGM.