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Electrocon International to Host Annual CAPE Users' Group Meeting and Conference

Includes NERC PRC Compliance Reporting Training

Two-Day Users' Group Meeting

Two-Day CAPE Training

Leading computer-aided protection simulation software for high voltage electrical transmission and distribution lines

Ann Arbor, Michigan – April 5, 2017 – Electrocon International, the full-service developer and marketer of CAPE software for protection system simulation and data management, will host its annual CAPE User’s Group Meeting and Conference, June 26-30, 2017 at the Ann Arbor Eagle Crest Conference Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The event is expected to attract protection engineers from utilities and consulting firms around the world. Registration and additional information is available online at

The 2016 conference attracted more than ninety engineers from eight countries representing more than forty companies. The weeklong conference will kick off on Monday with a full-day protection seminar entitled “Symmetrical Components.” On Tuesday and Wednesday, the CAPE Users’ Group Meeting will cover a variety of topics related to the latest features and enhancements to CAPE protection simulation software. The focus on regulatory compliance will continue with discussions and demonstrations of the latest enhancements in CAPE supporting the various standards. Electrocon will demonstrate a set of wind and solar generator models developed by EPRI that are the first that accurately represent the control of invertor-coupled devices. A presentation of Electrocon’s CIGRE 2016 paper on “Simulating Single Pole Opening using CAPE-TS Link” will provide an update on this unique capability involving transient stability with detailed relay protection models. Updates on new macros further automating protection studies and additional detailed vendor-specific relay models developed since the 2016 meeting will also be showcased.

Current CAPE Users will present “best practices” technical presentations based on their real-life experience using CAPE in their daily operations. Electrocon will provide a report on a project they have been working on for the past two years for a major Middle Eastern customer experiencing extensive growth of their electrical network.

Thursday and Friday, Electrocon will offer a series of training sessions including a full-day “CAPE for New Users” session and several half-day sessions on topics including “Modeling Detailed Bus Structures,” “Using Coordination Graphics,” “System Simulator and Relay Checking,” “Introduction to Relay Setting Algorithms,” “Introduction to SQL and Reporting,” and “Conducting Transient Stability Studies using CAPE-TS Link™.” A new course entitled “NERC PRC Standards Compliance Reporting” will provide a practical application of the capabilities within CAPE supporting the regulatory standards. Electrocon training sessions are conducted by the Electrocon engineers who are experts in their field and have on average twenty-five years of experience in power engineering.

“This year we will once again be focusing a portion of the CAPE Users’ Group Meeting and training on regulatory compliance challenges facing our utility customers,” remarked Paul F. McGuire, EE, MSEE, PE and President of Electrocon International. “This topic is of great interest to our users not only in North America, but around the world. We are proud to offer the only protection simulation software program supporting these standards with the highly detailed relay models required to achieve the necessary reporting accuracy.”

CAPE offers extensive tools for detailed relay modeling that help engineers manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions. Supporting the system protection function within electric power utilities, CAPE is used by transmission, distribution and generation companies as well as electrical engineering firms in more than fifty countries on six continents worldwide.

CAPE handles networks of any size, large or small. CAPE users have systems ranging from under 100 buses to over 30,000 buses. Several have protection systems with 20,000 to 50,000 relays.

For more information about the CAPE Users’ Group Meeting & Conference, CAPE, CAPE 14, CAPE-TS Link, IPS-CAPE Bridge or Electrocon training, implementation or custom development services, call +1 734-761-8612 extension 202 or email via our contact form. For more details or to make reservations for the CAPE 2017 Users’ Group Meeting and Conference visit the web at

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About Electrocon International, Inc.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Electrocon International, Inc. develops and markets CAPE software for protection engineering. CAPE’s graphical network modeling and system simulation support automatic relay setting, detection of miscoordinated settings, and event analysis. CAPE’s is the largest and most detailed library of relay models available. With more detailed, more accurate models, protection engineers study real life conditions, perform wide-area reviews, predict protection system performance, and much more. Electrocon provides ongoing technical support and CAPE-related services for its customers all over the world, which include transmission utilities and engineering firms of all sizes.

Electrocon has been developing tools for computer-aided protection engineering since 1985, working with input from protection engineers from leading North American power utilities. CAPE’s original mission was to create a combined network and protection system model that would support automated relay setting and coordination checking. Today, with a master library of over 5,500 manufacturer-specific relay styles and supported by a true database management system, it is common to see CAPE network models of 2,000 to more than 30,000 buses and protection system models of 5,000 to 50,000 relays. Wide Area Coordination reviews have become a reality as one tool to improve overall power system reliability.