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Electrocon International to Host CAPE Protection Software at Technical Seminar in Lima, Peru

Step-by-step use of CAPE software to improve management and analysis of network protection

Ann Arbor MI, October 28, 2014:  Electrocon International, the full-service developer and marketer of CAPE software for protection system simulation and data management, will host a technical seminar focused on improving management and analysis of network protection on November 10-12, 2014 in Lima, Peru. The seminar will be held in conjunction with POWER-TECH, SA, Electrocon’s authorized representative for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. Complete information regarding the seminar is available on the Electrocon website or by contacting POWER-TECH via email at

The seminar will focus on a number of specific protection areas including:
 Short Circuit Calculations
 Load Flow Analysis
 Graphical Tools for Relay Coordination
 Coordination Checking with Stepped-Events Analyses
 Complex Fault Simulations
 Quick Setup of Teleprotection Schemes
 Modeling Detailed Bus Structures
 Transmission Line Modeling
 Automated Sensitivity Checking and Coordination Reviews
 Combined Transient Stability & Protection System Simulation
 Automated Relay Setting Calculations
 Fault Analysis Playback Tools
 Preparing State Simulation Files for End-to-End Testing

“Utilities, system operators and engineering firms are placing more importance on automation of power system protection for the electrical grid,” stated Hugo Dávila, Professional Engineer and Regional Manager for POWER-TECH, SA. “Utilizing automated protection software such as CAPE is becoming the standard for modern protection engineers.”

CAPE software supports the system protection function within electric power utilities. CAPE is used by major utilities in more than 50 countries on six continents worldwide because of its serious tools for detailed modeling that help engineers manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions.

“We are excited at the growth in Latin America for protection software,” remarked Paul F. McGuire, EE, MSEE, PE and President of Electrocon International. “We have a strong base of CAPE users in Peru including EnerSur, Red de Energía del Perú, Red Eléctrica del Sur S.A. and the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria that realize the importance of implementing a protection system utilizing software with detailed models of their networks rather than using more generic modeling found in some solutions.”

CAPE (Computer-Aided Protection Engineering) software is built for engineers responsible for protection of high voltage transmission systems and distribution systems within electric power utilities and includes:
 Detailed modeling capabilities based on a single open source database.
 Support for analysis and simulation to solve data management issues, uncover potential network and protective device problems, and evaluate alternatives.
 Support for networks of any size.
 Support for setting complex modern digital relays.
 Support for relay coordination functions and wide-area studies.
 Ability to integrate with conventional transient stability programs to allow the kind of evaluation of wide-area control needed to avoid cascading outages and blackouts.

CAPE handles networks of any size, large or small. CAPE users have systems ranging from under 100 buses to 30,000 buses. Several have protection systems with 20,000 to 50,000 relays.

Simulating short circuits and showing the responses of protective devices
With CAPE, you use a mouse to click and drag elements on a one-line diagram, and to open breakers, apply faults, and simulate protective system responses. Conducting automated fault studies and wide area coordination reviews, developing incisive custom reports, and identifying fault locations, all become practical, efficient activities that add value to the organization.

More detail gives you more realistic results
CAPE’s ability to handle rich detail allows users to create models accurate enough to realistically predict likely misoperations. CAPE handles model-specific comparator equations, phase and fault selection logic, manufacturer- and model-specific setting names; and internal supervision logic. CAPE comes with a library of relays, distribution reclosers, and fuses, all ready to use out of the box.

Get the most from your data
CAPE is built upon a true relational database, which is included with CAPE software. CAPE’s underlying DBMS is fully ODBC- and SQL-compliant; therefore, the CAPE database may be accessed with programs like Oracle and Microsoft Access. All of the CAPE modules use the same CAPE database data, so any data item is entered once and may be used many times.

For more information about CAPE or Electrocon services, visit us on the web at or call +1 734-761-8612 extension 202 or email

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About Electrocon International, Inc.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Electrocon International, Inc. develops and markets CAPE software for protection engineering. CAPE’s graphical network modeling and system simulation support automatic relay setting, detection of miscoordinated settings, and event analysis. CAPE’s is the largest and most detailed library of relay models available. With more detailed, more accurate models, protection engineers study real life conditions, perform wide-area reviews, predict protection system performance, and much more. Electrocon provides ongoing technical support and CAPE-related services for its customers all over the world, which include transmission utilities and engineering firms of all sizes.

Electrocon has been developing tools for computer-aided protection engineering since 1985, working with input from protection engineers from leading North American power utilities. CAPE’s original mission was to create a combined network and protection system model that would support automated relay setting and coordination checking. Today, with a master library of over 5,500 manufacturer-specific relay styles and supported by a true database management system, it is common to see CAPE network models of 2,000 to more than 30,000 buses and protection system models of 5,000 to 50,000 relays. Wide Area Coordination reviews have become a reality as one tool to improve overall power system reliability.

About Hugo Dávila, P.Eng

Mr. Davila is currently the Regional Manager for Latin America Power-Tech SA.  Previously, he worked for ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd, Canada (formerly NXTPhase T & D Corporation) , manufacturers of relays, failure recorders, and optical transformers and protection) as Technical Manager for Latin America. Prior to ERLPhase, he was a Technical Support Engineer for Protection and Control with Beckwith Electric Company (Tampa, Florida, USA). Mr. Dávila has experience  control and protection equipment for major utility companies in Peru, including Edelnor and Luz del Sur. Mr. Dávila is an active member of IEEE; he has authored and co-authored several technical papers on the development of new algorithms, functions, applications, and communications relating to  power systems protection.


POWER-TECH in partnership with Protecta Electronics Ltd. ,  KoCoS Messtechnik AG and Electrocon Inc.  designs, markets, sells and supports protection, control, metering, fault recording and automation solutions for the Latin American Region. POWER-TECH products are the state-of-the-art technology for today’s demanding electric power industry and provide easy, fast and reliable protection, control, metering, and fault recording applications. POWER-TECH products range from generation, transmission, distribution and industrial applications.

Headquartered in Lima Peru, the hub of Latin America, Protecta has decades of experience with microprocessor-based products development and is pleased to launch their latest platform for IEDs all with native IEC-61850 protocol and in compliance with the international standards of IEC and ANSI/IEEE. All products are fully certified by international authorities such as KEMA and meet the requirement of the CE qualification.

Along with high quality products, POWER-TECH is committed to provide industry leading support and service to its customers.