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See how CAPE software can support your protection system

Electrocon electrical engineers will present a CAPE seminar November 10-12 in conjunction with Power-Tech SA, Electrocon’s authorized representative. This event will show step-by-step use of CAPE software to improve the management and analysis of network protection in your organization.

CAPE software supports the system protection function within electric power utilities. CAPE is used by major utilities in more than 50 countries worldwide because of its serious tools for detailed modeling that help engineers manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions.

This seminar will be conducted in Spanish.

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Monday November 10

Day 1 - Basics

8:30 - 9:00 - Registration
9:00 am - Topics
Short Circuit Calculations
Load Flow Analysis
Graphical Tools for Relay Coordination
Coordination Checking with Stepped-Events Analyses

4:00 pm - Conclusion

Tuesday November 11

Day 2 - Intermediate

8:30 - 9:00 - Registration
9:00 am - Topics
Complex Fault Simulations
Quick Setup of Teleprotection Schemes
Modeling Detailed Bus Structures
Transmission Line Modeling
Automated Sensitivity Checking and Coordination Reviews

4:00 pm - Conclusion

Wednesday November 12

Day 3 - Advanced

8:30 - 9:00 - Registration
9:00 am - Topics
Combined Transient Stability & Protection System Simulation
Automated Relay Setting Calculations
Fault Analysis Playback Tools
Preparing State Simulation Files for End-to-End Testing

4:00 pm - Conclusion

Location: Lima Peru

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(+511) 437 3541
or (+511) 354 1632