IPS-CAPE Bridge™

Integrating Asset Management and Protection

IPS-CAPE Bridge is a product developed jointly by Electrocon and IPS to facilitate the exchange of information between CAPE and the IPS software. Electrocon has always believed that the data used in CAPE should be made easily available to CAPE users; after all, the data belongs to our customers, not Electrocon. The IPS-CAPE Bridge requires a license from both IPS and Electrocon.

IPS-CAPE Bridge™ offers a variety of capabilities including:



• Relays

• Settings

CAPE-IPS-SYSTEMS™ Location hierarchy

• Relays

• Settings (Primary and Secondary)

Exchange of CIM XML IEC61970 Topology between CAPE and IPS-ENERGY™(requires IPS-Topology Manager™)

IPS-CAPE Bridge™ Highlights

• Basic population of CAPE database via IPS Export

• IPS Relay Model and CAPE Style linking

• Basic population of IPS database via import from CAPE

• Exchange of network topology in CIM XML IEC61970 format between CAPE and IPS-ENERGY™ (requires IPS-Topology Manager™)

• Setting exchange between CAPE and IPS

• Model–style checking utility

• Generation of IPS setting model via export from CAPE

IPS-CAPE Bridge Modules

The IPS-CAPE Bridge is comprised of several modules, each with their own capabilities and functionality designed to help with the two-way transfer of data between the systems. The modules include:

• Data Exchange

• IPS to CAPE Mode Create/update settings for mapped relays

• Create substation and LZOP

• CAPE to IPS Mode Create Settings for mapped relays

• Create Location Hierarchy if not exist

• Create relay if not exist

• Filter export individual or multiple relays

Style Manager

• This is interface mapping definition for setting exchange

• Defined supported CAPE styles

• Assign IPS parameter pattern to CAPE Relay Style

• Assign IPS-asset-type to CAPE Relay Style

Functionality included in IPS-Topology Manager

• Exchange Network Topological Data via CIM XML (IEC61970) standard file

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