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Sandro Aquiles-Perez

Sandro Aquiles-Perez

Lead Research and Development Engineer

Just a few months after obtaining his Ph. D. degree in power systems engineering, Sandro joined Electrocon in January 2007. He steadily produces new detailed, phasor-based relay models requested by CAPE's customers, and also contributes in other areas of CAPE development, such as development of detailed protective relay models on time-dependent environments and the production of software tools for protection studies in CAPE.

Sandro was born in Oaxaca City, Mexico, where he earned his B. E. in Electrical Engineering from the Instituto Tecnol—gico de Oaxaca (ITO). After graduation, he obtained his M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Instituto PolitŽcnico Nacional (IPN) in Mexico City, under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Mota Palomino. He obtained his doctoral degree under Dr. Mohindar Sachdev's supervision at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sandro's studies were in the fields of modeling of numerical relays, transient studies of protective devices, and analysis of power systems. These academic interests were a wonderful fit for Electrocon; we found him through an international network of academic colleagues and Electrocon users.

Outside of work, Sandro enjoys soccer, running, swimming and outdoor activities. He plays the guitar and enjoys reading, painting and drawing. Sandro loves talking about philosophy and social and political topics. But his great passion is enjoying time with his wife and two children. He is also constantly in contact with his (huge) family and friends on the other sides of both North American borders.

Daryl Coleman

Daryl B. Coleman

Software Architect and Lead Data Engineer

Daryl joined Electrocon in 1993 and quickly mastered the CAPE environment, building data models in the CAPE library. His first real programming assignment was tackling CAPE’s old Database Editor, which was the largest single program in CAPE, and converting it to the PC. He developed our first two-way interface between the CAPE database and a manufacturer's relay test software. He jumped at the opportunity to take the lead in developing a completely new Database Editor that is now CAPE's standard interface to the database. He is now the primary architect and innovator for the CAPE Database Editor and a contributor to many other CAPE modules. For example, he designed and implemented the graphical user interface for Line Constants data, the data merge function, and functions for network merge, external model replacement, and network comparisons. He also developed the pilot protection wizard for fast modeling of teleprotection schemes.

His current responsibilities include maintenance of the CAPE database schema, development of the CAPE Neutral Interface, continual enhancements to the Database Editor, not to mention cheerful technical support (after his morning coffee) for CAPE users with questions, sage advice on development and usage of new features, and frequent contributions to the graphical interface of the rest of CAPE. His personal mission is to maximize CAPE’s user-friendliness. As a consultant, he often draws the most challenging data manipulation projects.

Daryl’s publication credits include: “A Stepped-Event Technique for Simulating Protection System Responses”; “Protective Relay Setting File Formats, the Need and Move Towards an Industry Standard”; “A Stepped-Event Technique for Simulating Protection System Responses”; and “Visual Verification of Line Parameter Data.”

Daryl holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, where he was a member of Eta Kappa Nu national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer science. He has been exposed to nearly every computer language known to man, but is particularly happy with Delphi, C, C++, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, SQL, and XML.

Daryl and his wife Judy have two children, and enjoy life in their home in the country. When not working around the house or on his home PC, Daryl plays racquetball and ice hockey for light exercise.

Yimai Dong

Yimai Dong

Development and Applications Engineer

Yimai joined Electrocon in October 2013 after finishing her Ph.D studies and dissertation defense at Texas A&M University (TAMU). She received her Ph.D. degree in December 2013. She is now busy familiarizing herself with different functions of CAPE and understanding the code so that she can contribute along with the rest of the team. She is excited about her decision to work for Electrocon, because she finds her work innovative and really helpful to power system engineers.

Yimai came to the U.S. in the fall of 2007 after getting her B.E. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from North China Electric Power University in Beijing, China. She spent 6 years in Dr. Mladen Kezunovic’s group at TAMU doing research on improving fault location and fault management in distribution systems. She also has experience in controlling power electronics devices with Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and in coding using assembly language from her study as a master student in China.

Yimai’s other major role is the wife of her long-time colleague and Electrocon staff member Ce Zheng and mother of their son Kevin, who turned 5 years old in January 2016. She is very satisfied with and grateful for her current life. She likes traveling, cooking, and various kinds of sports (including swimming, volleyball, ping-pong, tennis, and jogging).

Angela Kasmer

Angela Kasmer

Customer Relations and Office Manager

Angela joined Electrocon in the summer of 2013 and handles payroll, accounts payable and receivable, administration of human resources and assists with marketing and sales, including maintenance renewals, conferences and user group meetings, along with publishing documentation for CAPE Help..ŹShe has enjoyed diving further into the world of protection engineering.

With a background in office administration management and working with civil engineers across the United States, Angela has coordinated administrative functions, staff, training, travel and also a financial and project management database implementation.ŹShe enjoys computers and details and therefore fits in well at Electrocon.

Angela has a B.A. from Michigan State University in Social Science within the Multidisciplinary Program of International Studies with emphases in Political Science, Geography and Western European Studies.ŹShe enjoys traveling, reading, visiting her family in northern Michigan and keeping up with her young son.

Donald MacGregor

Donald MacGregor

Lead Engineer

Donald was the first full-time employee of Shared Applications, the predecessor company from which Electrocon evolved, coming from the UK to Ann Arbor in 1973.

Donald is a theoretician and Lead Engineer in the areas of electromagnetics, applied mathematics, and numerical methods and techniques as applied to power system problems. He was responsible for an entire series of electromagnetics software products, having personally developed and extended programs for two- and three-dimensional analysis of electron guns for color television and microwave tubes, and for analysis of traveling wave tubes, klystrons, and crossed-field amplifiers.

Donald specializes in applied mathematics and numerical methods and techniques as applied to power system problems. His strengths in mathematical analysis, scientific FORTRAN programming, and sparse matrix methods applied to power systems analysis have distinguished his contributions at Electrocon. These include the Short Circuit analysis and fault studies, phasor models of power transformers, and the automatic setting of multi-function relays for power system protection. He also supervises or personally implements the detailed models of digital relays that CAPE users have found far superior to models used in competing products. He provides customer assistance and training along with the other engineers.

Donald's B.A. in Mathematics (with Honors) is from St. Catharine's College in Cambridge, England. He earned his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from University College of North Wales in Bangor; his thesis title was "Electron Bunching in Klystrons and High-Frequency Diodes". Correspondence about this research caught the attention of Dr. Joseph Rowe, who joined Dr. Mark Enns in founding Electrocon's predecessor company, Shared Applications, Inc. This led to an invitation to Donald to work in Ann Arbor, where he initially analyzed helix traveling-wave amplifier tubes and electron guns.

Some of Donald's publication credits as author or co-author: Simulating the Smart Electric Power Grid of the 21st Century - Bridging the Gap between Protection and Planning; Automatic Calculation of Relay Settings for a Blocking Pilot Scheme; Automatic Relay Setting; A Stepped-Event Technique for Simulating Protection System Responses; Computer-Aided Setting and Coordination of Distance Relays in 38 kV Distribution Networks; and Graphical Relay Coordination Analysis using an Integrated Short Circuit Module.

Donald enjoys hiking, travel, and playing the piano. He is an active member of the Religious Society of Friends in Ann Arbor, through which he promotes numerous charitable objectives.

Patrick McGuire

Patrick McGuire

Information Technology

Pat has been fascinated with computers as long as he can remember. He has built many internal applications for Electrocon, including the online update CAPE application and our registration key security application. He has a B.S. in Information Technology from Lawrence Institute of Technology.

Paul F. McGuire

Paul F. McGuire

President and CAPE Product Manager

Paul has been with Electrocon and its predecessors (Shared Applications, Inc. and Harris SAI, Inc.) since graduation from The University of Michigan in 1974. As Engineering Manager, he was responsible for project scheduling and monitoring. He has participated in every phase of the work of Electrocon and its predecessor organizations. Today he serves as President (since 1996) and Product Manager for CAPE software. These roles get him involved in sales, customer training, speaking at conferences, project management, and managing and recruiting employees. Occasionally he can be caught dabbling in the development of CAPE macros for customers.

Publication credits at Electrocon include: Simulating the Smart Electric Power Grid of the 21st Century Š Bridging the Gap between Protection and Planning; A Comparative Analysis of Wide Area Protection Coordination versus Conventional Methods for Protection Coordination of Transmission Lines; How to Meet TodayÕs Challenges to Protection Engineering; Stepped-Event Technique for Simulating Protection System Responses; Data Base Organization for Protection Engineering; Data Base Applications for Relay Engineers; CAPE: The Computer-Aided Protection Engineering System; and Integrated Coordination and Short Circuit Analysis for System Protection.

Paul grew up in Maine and was valedictorian of his class at the University of Maine, where he received a degree in Engineering Physics. After graduation, he spent four years as an Engineering Duty Officer in the U.S. Navy, first as an Electronics Division Officer on the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and then as a Ship Superintendent at Boston Naval Shipyard. He is proud to have served in that role for the prototype installation of a controllable pitch propeller prior to their general use in the gas-turbine propulsion systems of Spruance-class destroyers.

He then came to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend the University of Michigan, receiving his M.S.E. (EE) degree (thesis: A Protection Design Program for Radial Distribution Circuits) and an E.E. (professional) degree with concentration in electrical power systems. He received a Detroit Edison Fellowship. His EE project was the development of a protective device coordination program for the Distribution Department at Detroit Edison. It was not the forerunner of CAPE but is a very curious coincidence with what became our career focus.

In 1984, Paul became a registered professional engineer in the State of Michigan. Paul is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Conference Internationale des Grands RŽseaux ƒlectriques a Haute Tension (CIGRƒ), Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma physics honor society, and Phi Kappa Phi.

Paul and his wife Christie have two adult sons, Gregory and Patrick, who grew up knowing no fear of computers and who are now both employed in that field. Greg and his wife, Emily, have a daughter, Frances, and a son, Henry. Pat is currently Electrocon's IT Department.

PaulÕs travel schedule is fairly intense but he enjoys helping our utility customers all over the world learn to apply CAPE. Now that Christie has retired from teaching, she plans to accompany him to the choice destinations (the warm ones). PaulÕs Maine heritage is quite visible to anyone who visits his home: his front walk, steps, and mailbox post come from a quarry just off Deer Island that once was owned by his grandfather and managed by his father. A few years back, Paul and Christie remodeled their 50's vintage home and installed (you guessed it) Deer Island granite countertops from the same quarry.

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

Marketing Manager

Bill joined Electrocon in August 2014 and is responsible for marketing and sales operations. His background includes business-to-business marketing experience in the printing, graphics, imaging and medical industries. He has served in a variety of marketing, product management and training roles with companies including Varityper, Prepress Solutions, X-Rite and Vanguard Graphics International (VGI). At X-Rite, Bill was responsible for product marketing of the digital imaging, photo and medical segments for the Printing and Imaging business unit. His responsibilities at Xitron, a division of VGI, included marketing, order administration, manufacturing, and fulfillment. Working with Printware, another division of VGI, Bill was responsible for the successful launch of a new line of digital inkjet presses for direct mail, envelope and packaging applications.

Since joining Electrocon, Bill has worked closely with CAPE users and other industry manufacturers and experts to gain knowledge of protection engineering in order to better assist CAPE customers and prospective customers with their needs. Bill participates annually in the CAPE Users' Group Meeting & Conference and the Georgia Tech Protective Relaying and Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conferences.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science in Printing Technology from Arkansas State University where he graduated with honors. He was a vocational graphic arts instructor while living in Arkansas, teaching high school students a skilled trade to prepare them to enter the workforce immediately out of high school.

Bill has served in various roles on industry exhibitor boards including the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and Seybold Seminars. His efforts have been recognized by trade groups including awards for Most Creative & Attractive Exhibit from the Newspaper Association of America for his work at Prepress Solutions and MUST SEE ‘EM Best of Category in 2013 from Graphic Arts Show Company and Game Changer in 2014 from the Printing Industries of America for the Printware iJetColor™ Press product line.

Outside of work, Bill enjoys camping and entertaining friends. He is a collector of antique telephones including a Western Electric 555 Cord Switchboard prominently displayed in the foyer of his home with a photo of Bill and his telephone operator, Ernestine, created by comedian Lily Tomlin sitting atop the switchboard.

Jeff Quada







Jeff Quada

Executive Vice President

John J. (Jeff) Quada joined Shared Applications (a predecessor company to Electrocon) in 1975. He began as a Staff Engineer and grew quickly into the position of Lead Engineer, working on the company’s major products. Jeff was the primary assistant to Electrocon's founder, Dr. Mark Enns, for the development and implementation of key functions of our earlier software product for online use in power system control centers and for operations planning, helping to implement these programs into control center products at Harris Controls, Boeing Energy Management Systems (Ebasco), and the Control Data Corporation Utilities Service Center. He then led the programming and integration of the software for the New York Power Pool (NYPP).

Jeff has been the principal architect of CAPE's present structure and its graphical user interface.  Jeff is the principal author of the CAPE Power Flow and Short Circuit Reduction modules, the principal implementer of the Line Constants and One-Line Diagram modules, and the re-designer of Coordination Graphics. Jeff has contributed key design features to nearly every facet of CAPE. He has extended the CAPE One-Line Diagram program to mode detailed bus structures. Jeff works with C, C++, Visual C++, FORTRAN, PostScript, PCL, and SQL. Publication credits include: “A Stepped-Event Technique for Simulating Protection System Responses”; “Sparsity-Enhanced Network Reduction for Fault Studies”; “Considerations in Developing and Utilizing System Operator Training Simulators”; and “Fast Linear Contingency Analysis.”

Jeff earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he was awarded a Detroit Edison Power Fellowship. Jeff is a member of IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu national honor society for electrical engineering and computer science.


Tim Wright

Liangyi Sun

Development and Applications Engineer

Liangyi Sun, Ph.D. is Electrocon's newest member of the CAPE engineering team, joining the company in June 2017. Liangyi completed his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a GPA of 4.0/4.0 from Georgia Tech in May 2017 where he also completed his M.S. in ECE. He completed his B.S. in ECE from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

Liangyi's specialized areas of focus include power system protection, power system cyber security, power system modeling and simulation, energy management systems, state estimation, synchrophasor technology and power system transient stability.

Liangyi has completed the Engineer-in-Training, Fundamentals of Engineering in Georgia. He worked as a Research Aide at Argonne National Laboratory in the Summer of 2014. He has worked on a number of research projects, including a DOE project entitled "Cyber-Physical Modeling & Simulation for Situational Awareness (CYMSA)," an EPRI project entitled "Dynamic State Estimation Based (Settingless) Protection" and two PSERC projects entitled "Hybrid Simulation" and "Real-time PMU Based Power System Stability Monitoring."

He has worked on more than fifteen technical papers. He is an active member of IEEE and serves as a reviewer for six different IEEE groups.

In his spare time, Liangyi enjoys all kinds of sports (including playing badminton, watching basketball, soccer and football games). In addition, he likes traveling, hiking, skiing, and he is willing to try any outdoor activity. He has relocated from Georgia and will be based at Electrocon's office in Ann Arbor.


Tim Wright

Tim Wright

Sr. Software Engineer and Group Leader

Tim joined Electrocon in August 2016 as a Senior Software Engineer and Group Leader. Tim received a bachelorÕs in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and a MasterÕs in Electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. Following college, Tim found himself drawn to writing software. He earned a Software Engineering Certificate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

During his career, Tim has developed software for radar and image processing, automotive, and bioinformatics. He is passionate about writing clean, maintainable code. He constantly hones his skills by attending local programming groups and conferences. He has dabbled in many different programming languages, but specialized in C++ and Python. He enjoys learning new languages like Haskell.

Besides playing with his many computers at home, Tim enjoys time with his wife and two kids. He also enjoys swimming and martial arts.


C++ 2011 Presented at Ann Arbor Computer Society September 2010


T. C. Wright (1997) Industrial Application of Object Oriented Design in Simulation Software, Paper presented at IASTED/ISMM International Conference May 15-17 1997 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA


Ce Zheng

Ce Zheng

Development and Applications Engineer

As a new member of the family, Ce joined Electrocon in August 2013 soon after he graduated from Texas A&M University. He has found it a challenge to get used to the change from Texas to Michigan. But Ce already enjoys the life in Ann Arbor. As a Development and Applications Engineer, Ce appreciates Electrocon's research environment and the enthusiastic colleagues at Electrocon. He is working to learn as much as he can about CAPE, having quickly aced his first assignment: developing the model of an overcurrent relay in CAPE.

Ce was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. He earned his B.E. and M.S. degrees from North China Electric Power University, in 2005 and 2007 respectively, both in Electrical Engineering. After that he came to Texas A&M University to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Mladen Kezunovic. His Ph.D. dissertation is titled "Power System Online Stability Analysis Using Synchrophasor Data Mining." His research areas include power system protection and control, PMU applications, model-based and measurement-based power system transient and voltage stability analysis, and grid integration of distributed generation. Ce is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is also a technical paper reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids.

Outside of work, Ce enjoys traveling with his family, playing tennis and ping-pong, and watching soccer and football games.

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