Electrocon International: all about protection engineering

Electrocon International Inc. develops and markets Computer-Aided Protection Engineering (CAPE) software to support the protection engineering profession.

Our history

Founded in 1981, Electrocon International developed the first CAPE software as a joint project working with experienced protection engineering staff in ten major U.S. electrical utilities. This collaborative development relationship insured that our CAPE software married the everyday needs of real engineers to the advanced mathematics and information technology needed to support them.

Since the first commercial release of CAPE software in 1990, Electrocon has continued to nurture close relationships with our customers in utilities and engineering consulting firms around the world to ensure our development resources are always aligned with real needs.

We know our customers

EII meetingOur staff members are professional engineers who understand the real-world needs of power engineering. When you contact us, you’ll reach a real person and receive a timely, considered response.

We work with you to make each team successful, whether you're a one-person protection shop or a large department, and whether you’re an old hand or just learning the ropes. Your responsibility reinforces our commitment to developing the very best possible tools and support services.