Upcoming User Group Meetings & Events

Relay Protection & Automation for Electric Power Systems 2017

April 25-28 - Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Conference 2017

May 1-2 - Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference 2017

May 3-5 - Atlanta, GA

CAPE Users' Group Meeting & Conference 2017

June 26-30 - Ann Arbor, MI

Previous Events

Western Protective Relay conference

October 18-20 - Spokane, WA

CAPE European Users' Group Meeting

August 29-31 - Dusseldorf, Germany

CIGRE 2016 Technical Exposition

August 22-26, 2016 - Paris, France

CAPE Users' Group Meeting & Conference

June 20-24 - Ann Arbor, MI

Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Conference

April 18-19 - Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference

April 20-21 - Atlanta, GA

IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition

May 2-5 - Dallas, TX

Western Protective Relay Conference - October 20-22, 2015

Electrocon International to Demonstrate CAPE 14 Computer-Aided Protection Software at Western Protective Relay Conference in Spokane, October 20-22, 2015

PAC World Conference - September 1-3

Electrocon International will exhibit at the PAC World American Conference, September 1-3, 2015 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC in Booth 12.

CAPE Users' Group Meeting & Conference - June 22-26

The annual CAPE Users' Group Meeting Week includes a one-day protection seminar, two-day CAPE Users' Group Meeting, and two days of CAPE training. We promise an exceptional opportunity to expand your knowledge of system protection, learn the latest about CAPE, guide CAPE's future development, and meet with colleagues from other companies and countries.

Georgia Tech Conference-Booth A3

The Annual Georgia Tech Protective Relay/Fault Disturbance Conferences are taking place Monday-Friday, April 27 –May 1, 2015. Dr. Sandro Aquiles-Perez, Dr. Yimai Dong, and Bill Owens, will represent Electrocon and be onsite during the exhibit hours to demonstrate CAPE and answer your questions. Electrocon will be exhibiting Monday-Thursday evenings.

Schedule a specific appointment time by calling Bill Owens at 734-761-8612 x202.

68th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers at Texas A&M University-Booth 20

Electrocon International will exhibit at the 68th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers sponsored by Texas A&M University on March 31-April 2, 2015 in College Station, TX. Electrocon will demonstrate CAPE 14, the next generation version of Electrocon’s CAPE family of computer-aided protection software. CAPE offers extensive tools for detailed relay modeling that help engineers manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions. Stop by Booth 20 to see Dr. Ce Zheng and get a demonstration on the latestest CAPE features and enhancements. A new optional module in CAPE 14 is the CAPE TS-Link module which integrates the detailed protection system model of CAPE with the time-domain model of the Siemens PTI PSS®E transient stability simulation. CAPE-TS Link was designed to aid in conducting compliance studies for the NERC PRC-026-1 standard for “Relay Performance During Stable Power Swings”. To schedule a demonstration call Bill Owens, Electrocon's Marketing Manager at 734-761-8612 x202.


Learn from the experts

Electrocon electrical engineers presented a three-day CAPE seminar November 10-12, 2014 in conjunction with Power-Tech SA, Electrocon’s authorized representative. This event showed step-by-step use of CAPE software to improve the management and analysis of network protection in your organization. More information

SO-UPS group at CAPE workshop

CAPE Workshop at SO-UPS in Moscow

This group and others from the Russian System Operator in Moscow and other important Russian centers spent a week learning about CAPE software in a workshop conducted by our Paul McGuire, Vadym Gitman, and Ashok Gopalakrishnan. Shown above: Tatyana Knyazeva (Kazan, Tatarstan), Svetlana Kuzina (Moscow), Ashok Gopalakrishnan, Vadym Gitman, Andrei Brilinsky (St. Petersburg), Julia Panzhenskaya (Samara, mid-Volga Region), Andrey Zhukov (Moscow), Irina Kordumova (Pyatigorsk, South Region), Paul McGuire, Ilya Ryvlin (Moscow), Oleg Slepov (Rostov).

Western Protective Relay Conference technical paper

A technical paper, Simulating the Smart Electric Power Grid of the 21st Century - Bridging the Gap between Protection and Planning was part of the program at the 2013 Western Protective Relay Conference in Spokane, WA, October 15 - 18. The authors include Ashok Gopalakrishnan (Electrocon) and Kevin Jones (Xcel Energy). If you can't attend but would like a copy of the paper after the conference, just let us know.


The new CAPE TS-Link optional module simulates the bulk electric power system to model the effect of protective relay operations on the dynamic behavior of the system. To ensure the electric grid operates reliably even when subject to disturbances, you need tools for the design and analysis of wide-area control and protection algorithms that use sensor inputs not just locally, like conventional protective relays do, but from multiple locations in the network. The new CAPE TS-Link:

  • Combines the detailed protection modeling and simulation environment of CAPE with the transient stability modeling environment of PSS®E.

  • Gives planning engineers access to a ready-made protection model they can use in their planning studies.

  • Avoids the duplication of effort of modeling relays and entering their settings specifically for the planning environment.

The CAPE TS-Link optional module requires the CAPE 14 Build. If you would like to try it out, let us know.

More information about the CAPE TS-Link

Sabah Electricity CAPE training

SESB CAPE Training at Electrocon's office.Norazlina BT Abdul Rasid, Protection Engineer (left), and Siti Jamilah Binti Alias, Head Protection Engineer, from SESB in Kota Kinabalu Sabah (Malaysia) recently visited Electrocon for CAPE training.


Practical approach to Wide-Area Coordination Review

Electrocon International has pioneered an innovative methodology to automate the wide area coordination review of a utility’s protective devices. Automation has made this clearly desirable objective both practical and affordable, where previously it was an ideal that even fully-staffed protection groups could not achieve. The transmission utility does not need to have Electrocon’s CAPE software and relay database in place, since the technique can be applied to data converted from almost any existing electronic network format, including those of Siemens’ PSS®E and ASPEN’s OneLiner. Press release

Wide Area Coordination Review Steps - PDF data sheet

Technical paper: Protection coordination in the transmission system and boundaries – a Wide-Area Coordination study

Technical PaperA technical paper presented at WPRC 2007 describes the methodology to automatically check a wide area of protection coordination, including the boundaries between transmission and generation and transmission and distribution. 

This paper describes Red Eléctrica de España (Madrid)'s 2006 project to check protection coordination in one of its most critical transmission network areas. More

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latest CAPE release

CAPE 14 Build:
July 31, 2017


CAPE 2010 Build:
February 12, 2016

CAPE 2010 has been replaced by CAPE 14. All customers with an active maintenance agreement have been updated to CAPE 14. If you are using CAPE 2010, contact Electrocon for upgrade options.

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