CAPE Users’ Group

Meeting & Training

29-31 August 2016
Dusseldorf, Germany


The European edition of the CAPE Users’ Group Meeting with
CAPE refresher training will be held 29-31 August in Dusseldorf, Germany.

We promise a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of system protection, learn the latest about CAPE, guide CAPE’s future development, and meet with colleagues from other companies and countries. One online registration process covers all three days, including the Users’ Group Meeting and the CAPE training.

Dusseldorf Overview

Old Town

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CAPE European Users' Group

(All Day Monday and Tuesday morning)




Monday and Tuesday, 29-30 August. This is a general meeting packed with presentations on the latest CAPE developments and news. We expect a worthwhile exchange of ideas and your priorities for CAPE future development. Topics we plan to cover include:

•Phasor-Domain Modeling of Converter Interfaced (Wind and Solar) Renewables for Protection Studies
•Techniques for Improving CAPE Simulation Speed
•PRES120 Cable Constants Calculation Software
•Review of CAPE Support for Generation Protection Coordination and the National Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards that Motivated Them
•DBE Tool for Bus Fault Level Comparisons
•Enhanced Plot Swing Curve Macro
•Plotting the Power Swing Stability Boundary
•CAPE Implementation of the CIM XML Method for Data Interchange
•Modeling Unbalanced Conditions Including Single-Pole Opening/Reclosing with CAPE-TS Link
•Comparing Breaker Fault Duty for Proposed Construction
•COMTRADE Stepped-Event Application to Apparent Impedance Trajectories
•Setting a Distance Relay in the Fingrid Network
•Review of Detailed Bus Modeling in CAPE 14
•Using the Branch Fault Study Macro
•Handy Dandy Macros Session (as time permits):
•Placing/Unplacing Multibus Lines in OL and CG
•Reporting Coordination Time Intervals of Displayed Backup Time-Overcurrent Elements
•Two Extensions of the Quickscan Fault Study Feature
•Reporting Mutual Couplings of Multi-Segment Lines
•Using the Find Generator Apparent Impedance Macro
•Computing Source Impedance Ratios
•Progress on the CAPE-ATP Link During 2015-2016
•The CAPE On-Line Help Feature
•Wizards for Creating Teleprotection Schemes
•New Features in Short Circuit – 2015 to 2016
•New Features in the Database Editor – 2015 to 2016
•Status of Links between CAPE and Relay Vendor Setting Software

The CAPE Users' Group Meeting is 1.5 days.

UGM early registration fee by 30 June: $400 for 1.5 days, including two lunches and Monday night dinner. (After June 30, $475)


UGM training


CAPE Training

(Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday)

Build on your existing CAPE skills or get the big picture quickly.

Choose one of the three tracks below when you register. Each track includes three half-day class sessions, listed here in the order they will be offered.

CAPE Training early registration fee by 30 June: $400 for Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday training; includes lunches. (After June 30: $475.) For all training classes, you’ll need to bring your own laptop and, optionally, your own database.

Training Tracks

Each track begins Tuesday afternoon and continues Wednesday morning and afternoon. Topics are listed in the order they will be offered.

Track One - for protection engineers who are relatively new to CAPE.
Introduces Database Editor, Short Circuit, One-Line Diagram, and Coordination Graphics. Continues over all three half-day sessions, beginning on Tuesday afternoon and continuing Wednesday morning and afternoon.

  • CAPE for New Users - Part 1
  • CAPE for New Users - Part 2
  • CAPE for New Users - Part 3

Track Two - for protection engineers with CAPE experience.

  • Using Coordination Graphics and its special displays - Part 1
  • Using Coordination Graphics and its special displays - Part 2
  • System Simulator and Relay Checking, including pilot protection

Track Three - for protection engineers with CAPE experience.

  • Data compare, merge, and management techniques
  • Modeling transmission lines with Line Constants
  • Introduction to writing macros


We're looking forward to seeing you!

Agenda and Time Schedule


Dusseldorf River View

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